Aldgate House, London

Aldgate House, London

Located in the heart of London, Aldgate house located on Aldgate High Street.

Due to our extensive experience in the industry, the main contractor selected Bells Power Control Systems to deliver a complete upgrade to their existing standby power system to ensure that the building could count on efficient backup power in the event of any power loss.

The system consists of three Paxman generators which had their control panels upgraded to ComAp intelligent controller and an InteliVision IV8 colour screen. The generator controller is connected to an Allen Bradley 1769-L33ER PLC with input and output modules designed to control and monitor LV breakers throughout the building. 

The control and monitoring of the switchboards in the building is achieved via two outstation panels installed in the LV Switchboard room and the generator control room located on the roof. Each control panel has a DC UPS with 6 hours autonomy to power the panel if the auxiliary AC supply is lost. 

The SCADA screen has no moving parts for long term reliability. The Ethernet port is connected to the PLC network using a copper Ethernet cable via switches. The Allen Bradley SCADA software has been installed on this screen.

From the SCADA screen the operatives will with the necessary security level, monitor and manually operate breakers, view the generator data, carry out tests and acknowledge alarms.