Control Panels

Located on the outskirts of London, we have our very own panel workshop where we design, build and test bespoke panels. 

We offer a bespoke Dual Fuel Pump Panel providing all necessary fire, emergency, leak detection, pump control, process monitoring and alarming facilities. BMS monitoring signals are provided hardwired or as data signals. It comes standard with a controller and HMI screen.

The following features are included for the protection and control of the fuel system:

  • Fire, emergency and fuel leak sensing functionality for the shutdown of the fuel mechanical drop valve, motorised fuel valve and pump inhibits.
  • The panel comes standard with either a single or duplex single phase and/or 3 phase supply facility with 24VDC UPS control supply. Battery autonomy can be provided for 6 hours or beyond. 
  • The panel has local lamps indicating the status of the power supplies and battery supply.
  • Manual control of the fuel pumps in case of automatic control failure.
  • HMI screen to view levels, pump statuses, alarms of all process equipment.

The total price of each panel includes charges of the following: 20% material mark-up, labour hours, drawing cost, delivery charge, engineering/design cost, documentation cost, and a 1-hour panel functioning test. 

Bulk Tank 1pH

Various versions available. V1 Bulk Tank Control Panel 1pH with Valves

Bulk Tank 3pH

Various versions available. V1 Bulk Tank Control Panel 3pH with Valves

Day Tank Single

Various versions available. V1 Day Tank Control Panel Single with Valves

Day Tank Dual

Various versions available.​ V1 Day Tank Control Panel Dual with Valves

Fuel System Panel 1pH

Various versions available.

Fuel System Panel 3pH

Various versions available.