22 Bishopsgate, London

22 Bishopsgate, London

Bells Power is proud to have been part of this landmark project located in London’s newest skyscraper, 22 Bishopsgate the second tallest building in the UK - after The Shard.

We have successfully delivered the highest installation of Diesel Generators in the Northern Hemisphere, a bespoke control and monitoring system of 6 - FG Wilson P2250-1 11KV gensets along with its fuel system and their ancillaries.  

Our in-house designed, built, installed and commissioned fuel system, incorporates a few innovations to overcome the challenges caused by the hight of the building.

At the heart of our control system is a Schneider M580 Hot Standby PLC which uses redundancy compatible modules with synchronisation cables between racks. In the event of hardware of software major faults on one CPU rack, the redundancy controller will changeover to the standby CPU rack without interruption. Each CPU will have its own battery backed DC UPS supply with facility of separate AC supply to the panel. 

M580 brings together the benefits of the Unity Pro platform common programming environment, common networks, and common control engine to provide you with the performance your application requires in an easy-to-use environment. The M580 programmable automation controller (PACe) features a modular control platform with virtually infinite expansion of controllers, networks and I/O. With 8MB, M580 controllers support intensive process applications and provide fast processing of motion instructions in a single integrated solution.

Nine outstation PLC panels installed throughout the building interact with each other via fibre optic providing information to and from:

  • the hot standby PLC, 
  • the Ignition SCADA system
  • the fuel system
  • third-party platforms such as the BMS
  • ComAp Intelligent Controllers - The diesel generators are pre-installed with IG-NTC-BB controllers and InteliVision IV5 colour screens.